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VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting (2024)

When it comes to hosting a web proxy service, the most governing factors for a server purhcase are bandwidth and CPU specifications. Although most of the proxies built by TitaniumNetwork have been built to be optimal with resource usage, web proxies still tend to be heavy on the CPU. If you are hosting a rather large service or planning to host a large service using TitaniumNetwork's SDK then consider proritizing bandwidth. Being able to handle this all is essential.

Simple metrics?

If you are getting around one million users per month you should at least have a 1 GBPS port public or 800 GBPS private. Always go for private ports.

If you are getting over a million consider a 1-10GBPS port on a dedicated instance.


This will provide a list of free and paid hosting providers.


Hosting ProviderPros and Cons of each provider
CrunchbitsBy far the best hosting provider you can utilize right now offering dedicated server plans with 10 GBPS down while being open to heavy bandwidth usage. Second choice would be OVH.
ContaboContabo is a widely used hosting service that has very good specs for the cheapest prices. There are many issues with Contabo though, such as bad customer service and port speeds.
OVH CloudOVH Cloud is a well-known hosting provider, with cheap and good servers and speeds. Some issues are that customer support is more on the poor side, and servers may take some time to be set up.
ScalewayScaleway is a decently well-known hosting provider. They have services like Dedicated Servers, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, and more! The prices for their services are very reasonable.

Free Options

Hosting ProviderPros and Cons of each provider
Oracle Cloud Free TierOracle Cloud is remarkable in that it is free. You can pretty much get a full VPS (virtual private server) experience for no cost to you.
Repl.itReplit is a well known hosting option. It provides free hosting as well as a web code editor. However, hosting proxies violates Replit's terms of service and can result in your account getting suspended or permanently banned.
VercelFor static hosting only but a rather modern choice.