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Holy Unblocker

Holy Unblocker is an official Titanium Network web proxy service supporting numerous sites while concentrating on detail with design, mechanics, and features. Bypass web filters regardless of whether it is an extension or network-based.


This page is about the React rewrite of Holy Unblocker. For the legacy version by Quite A Fancy Emerald, please click here.



  • Most frequently restocks domains in the TN Discord
  • Support for sites like Discord, YouTube, Reddit and more!
  • Considerable variety with the open selection of proxy types
  • Tab customization and other options via Settings for improved stealth
  • Search engine modifications and embed modes
  • Extensive games library with support for popular emulators and games


Deploy to Heroku Run on Replit Deploy on Railway Remix on Glitch Deploy to Koyeb

If you are deploying to an alternative service or to a server, refer to Deploy via terminal.

Additional information can be found on the wiki.

If you need help deploying, open a ticket in our Discord server.


Using the Holy Unblocker website-aio bundle, please follow the instructions below for setup:


  • NodeJS LTS

website-aio only supports the latest LTS version of NodeJS! You can find scripts for installing LTS versions of NodeJS here (Linux). If you're on Windows, see the official NodeJS website.

Don't copy the $ in any of these commands when pasting in a terminal.

If you opened this repository in Replit:

  • Skip the clone step, start at install
  • Use the Replit terminal instead of the console by selecting "Shell" under tools or selecting the "Shell" tab in the Replit terminal


$ git clone
> Cloning into website-aio...
$ cd website-aio


$ npm install

If this takes long, you may attempt to omit dev dependencies:

$ npm install --omit=dev


Once dependencies are installed, select the "Run" button on Replit or run:

$ npm start

Alternatively, run on a port:

$ PORT=8000 npm start

Setup (Railway)[GITHUB USERNAME]/website-aio.git

Using templates

  1. Go to the template creation page.
  2. Scroll down to Services
  3. Enter "website-aio" in Service Name
  4. Enter (or your MANUAL LINK if you forked) in Repository URL
  5. Click on Add Service
  6. Click on Create Template
  7. Open link to template


Railway has confirmed this repository violates Railway's Fair Use policy. See [[circumventing deployment restrictions]] to prevent your deployment on Railway from being immediately flagged.

Not Allowed

  • Mirrors/Userbots

Deploy at your own risk.

Setup (Cyclic)

Deploy to Cyclic[GITHUB USERNAME]/website-aio

Setup (Heroku)

Deploy to Heroku[GITHUB USERNAME]/website-aio


This repository violates Heroku's acceptable use policy. See [[circumventing deployment restrictions]] to prevent your deployment on Heroku from being immediately flagged.

6. Prohibited Actions

XIX. Operate an “open proxy” or any other form of Internet proxy service that is capable of forwarding requests to any end user or third-party-supplied Internet host;

Deploy at your own risk.

Setup (Koyeb)

Deploy to Koyeb

Setup (Glitch)

Remix on Glitch!/import/github/[GITHUB USERNAME]/website-aio


Please understand that deploying via Glitch may take up to 3 minutes to install dependencies... There are other deployment options.

In order to access your deployment, click on Share and use the link to the Live site.

Refer to [[Deploy via terminal]]. Make sure to follow the additional instructions for Replit, despite this being Glitch.


Glitch has confirmed this repository violates Glitch's ToS. See [[circumventing deployment restrictions]] to prevent your deployment on Railway from being immediately flagged.

Deploy at your own risk.

Circumventing Deployment Issues[GITHUB USERNAME]/website-aio&branch=master&name=website-aio

We encourage you to fork this repository before attempting to deploy to any of the services we recommend. This is because this repository explicitly violates the TOS of most services.

How to deploy your forked repository:

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Go to any deployment page in the wiki.
  3. Replace [GITHUB USERNAME] with your GitHub username.

Example:[GITHUB USERNAME]/website-aio

I fork this repository under my account. The link is

I replace [GITHUB USERNAME] in the link from Manual Link with my account name (e9x). My link is now

If you forked this repository under a name other than website-aio, replace website-aio in the link with your fork's name.


  • Theatre files (games, apps) are hosted on GitHub Pages.
  • Our official db-server instance is being proxied.
  • Website static files and Rammerhead are served as NPM packages.


These repositories are setup when you deploy an instance.

Known Incompatible Services

You can explore other options for deployment here.

Static Hosting

Many static website solutions will compile websites using a dedicated container/VM, however they will run into errors such as not being able to find the public directory because this repository is configured to serve the static files in conjunction with proxies and databases.

Known services that website-aio can't be deployed to:


Cloudflare Pages cannot start Holy Unblocker because Vercel is a static host.

Cloudflare Pages

Cloudflare Pages cannot start Holy Unblocker because Cloudflare Pages is a static host.

Regarding old versions


I have ended over ownership of Holy Unblocker to be maintained further to Eli. All current versions have been developed by Divide.

Important Message (Original)

This isn’t the greatest announcement sorry. After lots of thought and severe hesitation I’m shutting down Holy Unblocker and leaving TN. It's just been something that I’ve been super conflicted with for months hence the lack of updates and the massive gaps that happened last year. I just didn’t want to throw away a project that I passionately enjoyed and spent time on while making amazing friends and meeting epic devs here. I could go on forever for who these people are but ima like leave it here. They know who they are :D

The main change of thought is that I’m finally just putting an end right now due to 1) the lack of motivation 2) the community is NOT the greatest at time and not the nicest at times (have to put that out here) 3) the future doesn’t look so good for HU/TN as a project.

Some things I’ll be keeping secret since there are more reasons to this choice unless otherwise for those who don’t find this enough information. Good friends here will know that I’ve been super stressed about this choice for months now. Also regardless a good motivator for this choice is the fact that I’ll be graduating soon.

It’s possible that I may continue/come back for this in the future or keep it on GitHub only. I leave this here because even now I am still doubting myself about this change. But for now I’d check out other proxy sites like Incognito (Duce DOES a ton of updates frequently and he is the creator/developer of Ultraviolet so give him some love) :yayy_hopi:

Check out his Patreon also! For current HU patrons you will not be billed next month and the HU Patreon will be archived so head over to Duce’s patron so he can purchase more domains for Incognito.

With love <3 Emerald :HuTaoHype:



  • Eli (NFT/Bitcoin Specialist)
  • Incoming - Accountant
  • Device - Lead Developer



  • sexyduceduce - Frontend Developer, Ultraviolet
  • Device - Frontend Developer, Stomp
  • OlyB - Frontend Developer, WebRetro
  • luphoria - Backend Developer
  • Binary Person - Rammerhead


  • Aub - Community Manager
  • Degenerate - Chat Moderator
  • Simon - Chat Moderator


  • Quite A Fancy Emerald - Former Owner/Lead Developer (whack whack) >:(