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Radon Games

Radon Games

An open-source unblocked games website built with simplicity in mind.


  • Clean and Easy to use UI
  • 300+ Games
  • Tab Cloaking / Disguise


Quick Deployment Options

Easily deploy to all your favorite platforms in just a click.

Deploy to Heroku Run on Replit Deploy on Railway Deploy To Koyeb Deploy to Cyclic

Regular Deployment

Deploy on local system or VPS.


git clone
cd Radon-Games
npm i
npm run build
npm start


Contributions to Radon are welcome.


git clone
cd Radon-Games
npm i

Starting Development Server

The development server has hot module replacement for ease of development. DO NOT USE FOR PRODUCTION.

npm run dev

Adding Games

In order to add games to Radon, you will first need to download the game files using some form of a website scraper. Once you have the game files, you will have to upload them to the Radon-Games-Assets in the corresponding folder. Once the games have been uploaded to the repository, you will need to edit src/data/games.json add add an entry for the game.

Tech Stack

Libraries Used