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NebulaWeb is an official flagship of Nebula Services and Nebula Developer Labs. NebulaWeb is a stunning, sleek, and functional web-proxy with support for thousands of popular sites. With NebulaWeb, the sky is the limit.



  • Stunning highly functional UI with multiple themes
  • XOR/Base64 Encrypts all traffic sent from Nebula
  • Hides your IP from sites
  • List of officially supported sites
  • limited mobile support
  • StealthMode (buffed about:blank cloaking)
  • Advanced cloaking options
  • NEW Deployment option - Email OTP Verification (tutorial can be found below)

OTP Verification Mode

  • change "verification":false, to "verification":true,
  • Make an account with Sendgrid (
  • Verify email
  • Get API key
  • Fill out information in deployment.config.json

Initial Configuration

Credits to @ProgrammerIn-wonderland for writing this wonderful tutorial.

  • Create an account at
  • Create an account at (or any registrars)
  • Find a free domain name at Freenom
  • Click checkout
  • Select (12 Months @ FREE)
  • Select "Use DNS"
  • Select Use your own DNS
  • Go to cloudflare, click add new site, and enter the free domain name
  • Select "Free Plan"
  • Click continue, ignore DNS
  • Copy the name servers cloudflare gives you
  • Go back to your Freenom tab, enter in the name servers which cloudflare gave you
  • You can keep IP blank
  • Click continue
  • Click complete order
  • Go back to cloudflare tab, click "Check Nameservers"
  • Select DNS on your right bar
  • Enter in the IP of the server which will be hosting Nebula
  • Target will be @
  • Click Enable proxy (little gray cloud icon, if active its orange)
  • Select SSL/TLS in your right bar
  • Click "Flexible"

Server Configuration

  • SSH into the server you'll be using, I'll assume its running Ubuntu 22.04 (though the commands are the same for debian 10+ versions, and Ubuntu versions 20.04+)
  • Run
curl -fsSL | sudo -E bash - \ &&
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs npm
git clone
cd Nebula
npm i
npm ci
sudo nohup PORT=80 node . &

Make sure your firewall is configured to let through port 80 traffic! Note: Server will need to run cd Nebula && sudo nohup PORT=80 node . & on reboot

Tech Stack

  • Partical.JS
  • UV Backend Proxy
  • Osana Backend Proxy
  • Server: Bare server on Node


For support, email [email protected] or join our discord:


Copyright Nebula Services 2021-2023. This project uses the AGLP GNU V3 license