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Access the world wide web! Incognito is a dynamic web proxy service stylized as a search engine.



If you are looking to deploy to cloud hosting services please check the README for the deploy buttons.

For hosting services that have a very limited storage space you can use Incognito-Lite

As there is no official way to run Incognito, we will be using the deployable verison by Amethyst Network. You will need: Git and NodeJS.

First, clone the repo:

git clone

To install the required packages, you will need to cd into the repository you just cloned and then run npm install. The commands can be seen below:

cd Incognito
npm install

To start Incognito, run the command below:

npm start

This starts the bare server and serves the static files on port 8080 by default.


To change the HTTP server port set the environment variable variable PORT.

SSL Config

To enable SSL place your certificates in the SSL folder.

The certificate should be named cert.pem and the private key named key.pem.

When SSL is enabled port 443 will be used instead of 8080.


Ultraviolet's bare server by default is set to /bare/ by default. If you would like to use a different bare server, change it in static/uv/uv.config.js.


All games are not included by default due to the extremely large size of them and some hosting services having limited storage space.